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My 5 year-old daughter was invited to a birthday party for an omni friend. When we accepted the invitation, I reminded the mom that we were vegan, and asked if I could bring food for my daughter. She said not to worry about it, and asked for a recipe to make some vegan cupcakes, and told me the plan was to serve pasta marinara and offer the animal products on the side. It turned out the mom did the entire cake vegan just to make sure my little one could share it. Pretty considerate, considering my daughter was the only vegan there.

On top of that, she also set aside a generous bag of exclusively vegan candy for her to trade whatever she got in the pinata grab for (including some special stuff that wasn't in the pinata), and had vegan soy ice cream for her too.

I just had to rave about it because wow that was sweet.

What did you Vegans Eat Today? :)

I would really love it if you might tell me what you ate today, breakfast, lunch and dinner (+ any snacks). Doesn't matter if its a typical day or not.
I'm still in the transition from vegetarian --> vegan and since I don't know any vegans in real life it would really help.

Depending on the responses I might x-post this but I prefer to avoid snarky places, hence my preference for coming here!

Thanks in advance!


Hey veggies, quick question: have any of you ever had any problems with Lollibomb lotions taking forever to ship?  My husband ordered some a long time ago (mid to end of January) and tried e-mailing them and sending myspace messages etc. and nobody ever answered him.  Then, out of the blue we get charged for the order but still no shipping confirmation.  When my husband reviewed their myspace they hadn't updated it or signed on in a year and he started freaking out that we were swindled.

Well, anyway, in the end we got our product (after he contacted the bank and they gave him the owner's cell phone number!) and she explained that she was sick for three weeks.  We ended up getting our lotion today with a sweet little note hoping that "your honey loves the lotion."

This was the first time we ever ordered from them, and I really liked their product, but I am nervous that they aren't very reliable or if this was just a fluke.  I believe it was someone on this community that recommended them so I am thinking it was a fluke, but I don't know.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks in advance!
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Vegan body creams . . .

Can anybody recommend a store/product line that is similar to Bath & Body Works but is vegan? I tried Lush, but it's not the same (and soooooo expensive!) I am in a really girly mood and would love to have a nice smelling lotion and shower gel combo. Extra points if you can recommend one in cucumber melon ;-)

Thanks everyone!
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new vid

Here's my micro documentary.
Finally uploaded the Gene Baur, of Farm Sanctuary, interview on Youtube with background music, Tupac Changes and Keep Your Head Up - forward it to anyone with 6 minutes.

Thank you all for your support, the next one will be a comedy or music video to mix it up,

Pink Lipgloss

These are 3 day old piglets that were born at Their mother, and about 80 other pigs were rescued from a factory farm that was being hit by a flood, sadly, the owners of the farm were saving the corn, and going to write off the pigs.
I had the honor of volunteering with them at their annual fundraiser.
Also, at the fundraiser were speakers like George Eisman, BruceFriedrich, and the founder Gene Bauer.
Now they are in good hands :)

Lil Mama, rap...and piglets...of course!


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Wild orangutans treat pain with natural anti-inflammatory

  • 11:21 28 July 2008
  • news service
  • Matt Walker

Wild orangutans have been spotted using naturally occurring anti-inflammatory drugs.

Four individuals have been seen rubbing a soothing balm onto their limbs, the first known examples of orangutans self medicating. Great apes have never before been seen using drugs in this way. Remarkably though, local people use the same balm, administering it in a similar way to treat aches and pains.

Primatologist Helen Morrogh-Bernard, of the University of Cambridge, UK, made the discovery while studying Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) in the Sabangau Peat Swamp Forest in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

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Inquiry into pigs at British farms covered in excrement and sores

By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent
Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Government vets have launched an investigation into Britain's pig farming industry after disturbing images showing dead and diseased animals were passed to The Independent.

Pork farmers have been conducting a high-profile advertising campaign to encourage consumers to buy more expensive British produce, claiming that standards are higher than they are on the Continent. But the images, taken at farms linked to leaders of the industry, raise serious concerns about the welfare of the majority of the country's 8 million pigs.

Vets at the Government's Animal Health agency, which enforces welfare legislation and conducts regular inspections of farm premises, said it would investigate the findings.

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Fascinating.  Viva! has supplied the government with lots of video footage of pigs and other farmed animals across the UK in terrible conditions, and according to their site, their applications to DEFRA for investigation of these farms have been turned down either without explanation or because the conditions are not significantly worse than any other farms in the country.  They have a directory of their campaigns, and it is amazing how much footage they have.  It's disturbing viewing for anyone.  I wonder if the new commitment to investigate is not about evidence, but about the fear of public perception: as long as evidence is produced by people who are vegan, it can be safely dismissed; get a major broadsheet behind it, and suddenly people may take it seriously.  Not seriously enough to rethink their personal choices, of course, but seriously enough to raise a stink.  One to watch.

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Loreal and Vichy

I have a question for those in the know.

I've been trying to find out whether Loreal tests on animals or not. I went to the drug store and asked for a cleanser that was not tested on animals and the clerk gave me something by Vichy, which from what I know is under Loreal.

I had heard that they were notorious for cruel animal testing, so I did research. I did not know Vichy was under Loreal until I got home.

First of all, I called them. They told me that they have not tested on animals since 1989 and explained in great detail how products are tested with artificial skin and whatnot. They said no ingredients were tested on animals either.

Why the bad rep, then? Am I missing something? So far I have not opened the product and I don't plan to until I get to the bottom of this. If they do animal testing at all I will return it.