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Well, I'm in some interesting trouble

I live on a mountain top that has some fence still left out from it being an orchard. Couple of times a year, fawns get stuck in fences and they're usually shot. This, of course, sickens me to death because that's being a little extreme.

So I was driving down to do some things in the town when I happened upon that situation. It was difficult freeing the poor thing but it was done and the fawn ran off.

Well, it involved touching the fawn and now I'm wondering if my scent will do anything to cause the fawn to get rejected. I'm going to check tomorrow morning to see if that was the case but I hope not.

I'm also wondering if there's any way to do this in the future without my scent rubbing off because I rather not have the poor creatures shot just because they could untangle themselves from a fence.

A little dilema

Ok, I have a question for you guys. I was sorting out one of my spare rooms the other day and I noticed I had a milk crate where I keep my records. As you all know, milk crates have been the perfect size for housing records since the beginning of time (well, not the beginning of time, but pretty close, lol) so I was left a little uneasy tonight when I noticed the big white letters on the side that say Dean Foods.

This makes me slightly uncomfortable now that I think about it; having a milk crate with the company blazoned on the side while everything else in my home is vegan. I know that I am not really supporting the milk industry and that I stole the crate from the back of a Super Market, but its just one of those quirky little things that makes you think, you know?

Would this bother anyone else in the slightest or am I completely crazy?

Would you keep the crate?

Edit: I took the crate before I became vegan, and only noticed this tonight.

Why I created this community . . .

With recent posts on various communities lately, I just thought I'd post something about why I created this community.

Let me start off by saying that I would be one of the ones considered an "elite" vegan. I don't believe people should wear leather, wool, silk, and fur. I don't think its right to consume honey and say you are vegan. I don't think we should buy second hand leather items etc. and I could on and on.

HOWEVER, being someone who was in a very different place a little more then a year ago, I know whats it's like to be starting a journey into the uncomfortable issues of animal rights. My beliefs have changed dramatically over the past year and I have pulled a complete 180 from my original omni self.

People become vegan for many reasons. They become vegan because of health issues, animal rights issues, intolerances and many others. Some eat vegan, some live vegan, but all in all we are all vegan or striving to be. Although I might not agree with everyone and can be pretty emotional when it comes to such sensitive topics, I don't think getting really angry and hating will convince anyone of what is right.

This community seems to be the "fluffy bunny" community to go to and people in other forums treat it as if it's a joke. Let me tell you that its not a joke to me. My main goal is to debate and express views on veganism in a slightly more professional format. I can be snarky, but that is reserved for the proper place.

Do I think that people should do as much research as they can before posting questions on the community? Yes, I do but I am not going to respond with hostility although sometimes that might be difficult, lol. I understand everyones views, especially when having to deal with people who don't have the same views or considerations as us but we can attract more with agave nectar then vinegar. I'll admit that I am hoping to open the eyes of others in this community to see things like I do, but I understand that not everyone does and I'll respect that (but try my damnest to convince otherwise, LOL)

So, with that I just want to say thank you all for joining the community. I've posted this new introduction because there has been a sudden influx of people wanting to join and I thought I should explain why I feel this community was needed.
In a letter to the editor in today's Guardian, a medical adviser to Médecins sans Frontières raises excellent points about the UN's food summit in Rome failing to deal with the nutritional needs of young children in poor nations.  However, her ideas about the nutritional needs of young children beggar belief:


The Guardian can be reached here.

Médecins sans Frontières' international site, containing links to each national site, is here.

I'm sure that courteous responses to this position are a good thing.

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Photo: Fruits and vegetables. Link to photo information
A diet rich in alkaline-producing fruits and vegetables may help preserve muscle mass. Click the image for more information about it.

For further reading

Plant Foods for Preserving Muscle Mass

By Rosalie Marion Bliss
May 23, 2008

Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that are key to good health. Now, a newly released study by Agricultural Research Service (ARS)-funded scientists suggests plant foods also may help preserve muscle mass in older men and women.

The study was led by physician and nutrition specialist Bess Dawson-Hughes at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston, Mass.

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Capitalist Pigs in Canada

"Our pigs are healthy, happy, they're growing and making it to market."

This is a story from mid-April, but I just heard it.

The Canadian government announced that it would pay pork producers as much as $50 million to kill 150,000 pigs by fall. It's an effort to reduce supply in order to raise the price of pork and help struggling hog farmers, says Clare Schlegel, president of the Canadian Pork Council.

"It's really a perfect storm," says Schlegel, a hog farmer himself.

Canada Offers Farmers Cash to Kill Surplus Hogs

According to this story, the demand for pork increases 1-2% a year :(
150K pigs are scheduled to be killed - in the name of capitalism. The flesh will go to food banks and the pet food industry.

When asked how the pigs would be killed, the farmer said they will be picked up and taken to a regular processing plant and "PUT TO SLEEP."

The Safety of Soya

The Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation gets so many questions based on misinformation about soya (or soy, to those across The Pond) that it's launched a new website all about the best research on the subject, The Safety Of Soya.

The site contains a section on myth-busting, FAQs, the environmental impact of soya, the latest research, the VVF's factsheets on soya and soya-based infant formula, recipes, and so on.

So there's another nice resource to add to your armoury.

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Do any of you know of a cruelty-free (and vegan) spray deoderant? I've been looking all over the place and I've only been able to find sticks and roll ons.

Cough drops

Ok, I have a cold and with a nasty frickin' cough! Anybody know of anything vegan I can get normally? Or, something along the lines of an herbal remedy? I'm dying here!

Let it out then let it go!!!

It's good to work through negative energies you are holding.  I think this big rant will help me out.

PHEW.  I feel a little better.  :)  I think maybe I'll delete this post in a week so we don't have the negativity hanging around.  Let's all take this time to vent our frustrations together.  Who else has something they'd like to get off their chest!?  Don't worry we'll delete it all later so we won't have to be reminded of it again!  Let it all out!